Complimentary Series 2018 – ‘How do I teach my child to play?’


Play is crucial for the physical, social–communication and emotional development of a child.  Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder are commonly limited in their play skills.  Parents may also observe stereotypical behaviors during playtime as the child displays repetitive style of play such as spinning, or tapping across different toys. In this talk we will explore and discuss how we can help your child develop appropriate play skills.

Participants will learn

    • The importance of age-appropriate toys or play
    • How to create interest in play
    • Breaking play into steps ad ensuring successful play

Event Details

Date: April 28, 2018 (Saturday) Time: 10:00 am to 11:30am Venue: Autism Partnership Singapore, 491B River Valley Road Valley Point Office Tower, #05-01/02, Singapore 248373

Registration Online registration for the talk : Contact Darius / Carisse at or (65) 6463 3095

*Registration closes April 23, 2018 and, or subject to seating availability. Attendance is restricted to Adults only.  

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