June Holiday Group Program 2021 | 1:1 ABA Therapy Program — Autism Partnership Singapore

Our 5-day Holiday Program is an enrichment program designed to provide experiences that build on your child’s interests,  learn in a group, as well as playing with peers. The program is carried out in an ABA-based classroom setting with a balance of structure and naturalized teaching. 

Through a variety of class activities and tasks, the program further provides great opportunities for children to encourage communication, independence, self-discipline, and peer cooperation. 

Each child will be given a brief informal assessment to determine if they are suitable for the group program.

Age Group

4 – 6 Years Old

Date & Time

7 – 11 June | Mon – Fri 

9am – 12pm


The following skills will be worked on:

  1. Language & Communication – Encourage spontaneity in communication and  exposure to vocab
  2. Independence and Staying on Task – Work on completing variety of tasks independently
  3. Observational Learning – Encourage learning from natural environment and peers
  4. Exposure to Age-appropriate Social Games – Increase repertoire of social games that can be played with peers
Additionally, objectives will be adjusted according to individual child’s needs

Activities include:

Music & Movement 🎶

Art and craft 🎨


Social games 🏀

Group Program Details:

Age Group 4 - 6 years old
Date 7 - 11 June | Mon - Fri (5 Days)
Tme 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Teacher to Student Ratio 1: 3
Clinical Team Behavior Consultant, Case/Program Supervisor & Senior Level Trainers​​
Fee SGD 950

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For any enquiries, please contact us at admin@autismpartnershipsg.com or call (65) 6463 3095 ext. 1.
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