e-Consultation Package for International Families | 1:1 ABA Therapy Program — Autism Partnership Singapore

e-Consultation Package for International Families

Specially designed for our international clients who are unable to travel to Singapore during this unprecedented time, our virtual package includes 1:1 online consultation with our senior clinician as well as access to our special online stay-home didactic video series which covers critical topics such as:

• Behavior management

• Increasing communication opportunities

• Increasing your child’s compliance at home

• Motivating your child to learn

• Teaching pivotal “learning-how-to-learn” skills

• Teaching self-help skills

This period can be extra challenging for parents looking for accessible and quality treatment. If you have recently learned that your child has or may have autism, and you are seeking professional advice and looking for an effective treatment that best helps your child, we are here to help you. 

This package offers two sessions of online consultations for you to meet with our consultants privately to ask questions you may have and share certain challenging situations at home that you have encountered. Our clinical team of highly trained and experienced ABA consultants are here to provide comprehensive and practical strategies for you and your child.

e-Consultation Package Details:

Date and Time To be arranged at your convenience
Language English / Mandarin / Bahasa
Platform ZOOM
Fee SGD 500
  • Parents who are looking for accessible quality treatment for their child
  • Parents whose child has just been diagnosed with autism
  • Parents who suspect their child with ASD
  • Parents who are planning to come to Singapore for treatment once travel restriction eases
  • Parents who are looking to kickstart their child’s learning journey
  • 2 hrs of 1:1 Online Consultation (in Bahasa, English or Mandarin)
  • 1-month access to APSPARKS - our autism resource platform with over 1,000 videos on Autism and our Autism Partnership Method (APM) of ABA as well as other resources that aim to provide creative and  unique programming ideas for different children with autism.
  • Special access to our online seminar on critical topics designed to include strategies to use at home:
      1. How do I motivate my child to learn at home?
      2. How do I manage my child’s behaviors at home?
      3. How do I teach my child self-help skills at home?
      4. How do I increase my child’s compliance at home?
      5. How do I teach my child to make requests spontaneously at home?
      6. How do I teach my child ‘learning how to learn’ skills?
  • Once the travel restriction eases, families who are looking to come to Singapore can join us for our Jumpstart or Accelerate (1:1 ABA Therapy) that is designed for our international families.

  • In the meantime, AP can continue to offer online consultation and parent training.

  • Convenient and accessible quality treatment for international parents 
  • Discrete, reliable, and private services
  • Connecting parents and increasing their engagement with our clinical team
  • The ratio is 1:1 via Zoom or other online platform you prefer
  • All sessions can be conducted in English, Bahasa or Mandarin.