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Autism Partnership (AP) is one of the largest and most established Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) service provider for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) in the world.

Formed in 1994 in the United States, AP is run by professional clinicians and specializes in providing one-on-one therapy, group interventions and overseas consultation for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and their families. We also provide customized school-based training and social groups to meet different needs of schools in the region.

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Years of Experience in ABA

Our premium services are highly recognized by local and international services agencies and government bodies. 

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Countries Worldwide

AP has its headquarters in Los Angeles and has offices in Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Korea, Kuwait and Beijing, China. We also provide consultation services to families and agencies throughout the world.

Our Mission

We hold the belief that every child deserves to thrive, and more specifically, we believe children and individuals with autism should have the opportunity to realize their inherent potential and achieve the greatest degree of independence and highest quality of life possible.

Autism Partnership, as the name suggests, believes that working and collaborating with families, schools, and all those involved is fundamental to the achievement of a child’s success. We believe through intensive behavior treatment based on the principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), all whom are affected, can reach amazing potential, foster meaningful relationships and lead productive lives.

Our International Offices


Our Goals

  • Advocate effective treatments for autism and adhere to an interventional, educational and developmental perspective that is guided by ABA
  • Support families with children with autism
  • Strengthen the skills of parents, teachers and professionals caring for individuals with autism
  • Raise public awareness and knowledge about autism and inclusive schooling
  • Support autism research and the development of programs aimed at addressing the social needs of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Our Founders

Our Team

Our Therapists

Our therapists play a key role in the success of our agency. They work with our families and children in one-on-one, group, and school settings, and carry out program goals as identified by our supervisory team.

All our therapists have at least a Bachelor’s degree; some of them have Master’s degree from local or overseas universities. They have gone through a minimum of 400 hours of training in the first year and receive intensive and ongoing training for about 200 hours every year thereafter by local and overseas experts in the field. Our therapists are highly skilled and experienced and receive extensive support and training to perform their duties with passion and confidence.

Training comes in many forms including:

  • Intensive Training and Orientation
    All new hires are required to complete 140 hours of orientation and training prior to implementing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) with students. Training and orientation are in the form of lectures, case studies, role-play, case observations, and guided practical hands-on sessions. This training is conducted by our supervisors and consultants. In addition, all therapists are required to attend monthly training sessions to further their knowledge and enhance skills. On-the-job training are both didactic and practical, consisting of lectures, case studies, videos, evaluations, and role-play. Our directors, Dr. Ronald Leaf, Dr. John McEachin, and Mr Toby Mountjoy also visits Singapore to provide direct training to staff.
  • Weekly Supervision
    Our therapists receive over 400 hours of induction training and 1:1 supervision by our supervisors and consultants in their first year on the job. Thereafter, staff continue to receive over 200 hours of supervision per year with weekly supervision, regular clinic and team meetings specific to the child they are working with. Weekly supervisions allow us to monitor and evaluate the quality of our services, and track progress of our students.
  • Performance Evaluation
    Our Therapists are formally evaluated through supervision and review meetings with our Director of Training on an ongoing basis. Evaluations are based on Therapists’ practical skills, programming skills, work attitude, communication skills, organization skills as well as professionalism and leadership skills.