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“I love that I am doing something that really helps our children & families! It brings me joy when I learn that the child has hit a developmental milestone or is able to go to school”. - Sherrianne Cheah (MSc ABA), Site Director at Autism Partnership Singapore

With over 25 years of experience with working with children of varying special needs, Sherrianne shares about her experiences, passion and what it takes to be an educator. One of her most memorable cases is working with a child who would make a fuss if his food did not arrive immediately in a restaurant. After spending some time working with him, he eventually managed to sit and wait calmly for his food to arrive. She highlighted that these are the little things that we so often take for granted, but may mean so to families with children with special needs. 👪

Ms. Sherrianne Cheah (Site Director)

Ms. Sherrianne Cheah (Site Director)

Sherrianne Cheah holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Child Development from the University of Kansas. Since 1991, she has been working with children who have special needs. She was in charge of setting up curriculum and running the Early Intervention programs at Dover Court Preparatory School and Horizon Centre for Special Education. In addition, she had been involved in the integration process of her students. Before joining Autism Partnership, Sherrianne had her own private practice as a Remedial Therapist, working with both mainstream and children with special needs. She has been working with children with autism in the field of Applied Behaviour Analysis since 2001, under the direct supervision of Dr Ronald Leaf, Dr John McEachin and Mr Toby Mountjoy. Since its inception in 2004, Sherrianne has been directly responsible for staff training and case management. She has also been instrumental in conducting social communication and skills workshops in both mainstream and special needs schools. She as been involved in international consults to families and institutions in the region. She has also conducted AP workshops and talks to agencies in Singapore. She is presently the Site Director of AP Singapore and has a Masters of Science in Applied Behaviour Analysis from St. Cloud State University.

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