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Jumpstart Program Overview

5-10 Days Intensive Program

Jumpstart Program is an intensive five-day* intervention designed to identify your child’s programming needs and to provide recommendations for ongoing treatment and support. The intervention will be conducted directly by our supervisory level staff. A great opportunity for families who would like to see rapid progress with their child in a short period of time.

Accelerating Skills & Achiveing Goals

The focus of the Jumpstart Program is to begin the process of intervention. Every child is different and their program will be designed to address their individual needs. The program will begin by addressing those behaviors that interfere with the learning process and teaching the child these essential and prerequisite “learning how to learn” skills. This intensive 5-day ABA program is designed to kickstart the process of intervention for your child.

New to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)?

Our short-term programs are for families who wish to experience our unique ABA treatment to evaluate whether AP is right for them before committing and/or perhaps giving up other services.

Watch Our Clients Journey

Jamie's Progress Journey

Jamie has been receiving full day intensive ABA training at AP SG since 2 years and 10 months old (January 2020). Before receiving ABA intervention, his parents shared that he even though he knew some words, he only used his words to communicate very sparingly.

He often relied on grabbing their arm or taking them to something he wanted, without making eye contact. Although Jamie was generally able to listen to parents, he would cry and have meltdowns daily, especially when his requests were denied.

This was a concern for parents. Jamie only liked playing with his older brother and parents but not his younger sister and peers. He would often push them away and scream when they approach him.

Punneth's Journey

Puneeth started ABA intervention at AP Singapore at the age of 3 years 3 months. Before ABA intervention, Puneeth’s attention was short and fleeting. He was not able to sustain sitting down for long, and this made it difficult for him to learn.

His eye contact was also minimal and he would either gesture or talk to himself without directing it to others. As he was not communicating, he often did not get what he wanted. This was a frustration for his parents.

Often, he would also bang his head, cry and scream, and throw a big tantrum when he was being denied or when his toys were being taken away.

Customer Testimonials

“In the two years Xander has been with AP, we have seen him grow in many areas. He now communicates and initate communication, he independently perform tasks, he enjoys socialising. We now have a child who is no longer fearful or frustrated. The pride we see in his face when he masters a new task give us a immeasurable joy. I am hopeful now that he might be ready for the big world out there”

Mr and Mrs Lim (Xander’s Parents)

Mr & Mrs Lim were invited to share their experience at Autism Partnership Singapore as an educational opportunity to highlight the importance of early intensive intervention.Mr & Mrs Lim and their son, Xander, are past clients from Autism Partnership Singapore.

“Hugo was diagnosed with autism at 2 ½ years old. We were extremely fortunate to have been guided towards ABA therapy. During the eight months of home based therapy with AP Singapore, we saw the building blocks of development being created right before us and Hugo’s eye contact, engagement and communication all showed tremendous improvement.”

Julian and Sow Fun (Hugo’s parents)

Hugo’s parents, Julian and Sow Fun, were invited to share their experience at Autism Partnership Singapore as an educational opportunity to raise awareness for Autism and highlight the importance of early ABA intervention.Hugo and his parents no longer receive any services from Autism Partnership Singapore.

“After our consultation with Autism Partnership Singapore and doing the Jumpstart Program, we have seen such progress in Kayleen’s verbal and non-verbal skills. Their staff are really friendly and they’ve been trained very well and are dedicated to their kids.”

Lina (Kayleen’s mother) from Manado, Indonesia

Lina was invited to share her experience after her daughter, Kayleen, attended Jumpstart Program at Autism Partnership Singapore, as an educational opportunity. Lina and Kayleen no longer receive any services from Autism Partnership Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our unique all-inclusive curriculum aims to maximise every child’s potential and equip children with Autism (ASD) with critical foundation skills necessary for their long-term success in school and life.

While all ABA may be founded on the same foundational principles, not all ABA is alike. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) can take various forms depending upon the individual or agency providing the service. In addition to the skill level of the provider, there are technical and stylistic differences in implementation.

At Autism Partnership (AP), we adopt our own treatment method called, Autism Partnership Method (APM). APM is a progressive model of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) that is highly individualized, child-friendly, holistic, and focused on “in-the-moment analysis” and “clinical judgment.

Our method is derived based over 45 years of clinical findings including the key elements that contributes to the best outcome for children with ASD. At AP, our programs are highly clinically driven and utilize procedures that have been developed out of working with children and from our research center. We aim not solely to maximize each child’s progress under our care but also to provide guidance and support to the family.

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