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How do I motivate my child to learn at home?

Children with autism often have limited interests. Trying to teach them a new skill can be quite challenging if the child is not motivated to learn. However, whatever the goal is, it is important to make sure that your child is ready to learn. That starts with ensuring that they are motivated. Their motivation can come in various forms such as toys, various activities such as art and craft and music and even outings. These are known as Reinforcements. In order to have an effective training process, it is important to have some powerful reinforcers ready before we start teaching.

In this talk, we will share some helpful tips to guide you to choose the right reinforcers.

Online Seminar Details:

Date & Time: May 20 (Wed), 2020 10:30 am to 12:00 pm
Language: English
Online Seminar Platform: Zoom vs. Webex: 7 Features to Compare & ConsiderZoom
Speaker: Ms Sarah Sotiriou BSc Bio Sci (Hons in Psy), Case Supervisor
Fee: SGD 36 (inclusive of 7% GST)

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