AP Method of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

What is the AP Method of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)?

With more than 50 years of global research, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) has become the most widely recognized and scientifically proven treatment for autism. AP has its own style of ABA that is not protocol-based. We implement a very flexible style of teaching that allows staff to make adjustments in the moment and make critical teaching decisions to maximize progress.

During our upcoming New Delhi workshop, co-organized with Sunshine Gurgaon, Ms. Reshani Satharasinghe (MSc ABA, BCBA) will discuss the most effective elements of treatment to maximize the potential of children with Autism (ASD).


Sign up for our workshop now: https://forms.gle/y3HUDWpn3B75tKgY8 📝

For more information : https://bit.ly/2yZ708q

About Sunshine Gurgaon : https://www.sunshinegurgaon.com/

*Complimentary Parent Consultations (on first-come-first serve basis, T&Cs apply)

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