Autism Partnership to Host Educational Workshops for Parents, Teachers and Healthcare Providers

SINGAPORE, Feb. 18, 2016 — Autism Partnership, one of the world’s largest Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) service providers for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), is hosting two educational workshops in Singapore to aid parents, teachers, professional and caregivers in working with children with autism.

Dr. Tracee Parker, a clinical associate with Autism Partnership with 30 years of treatment and research experience in ABA and Developmental Disabilities, will host the workshops. The sessions will take place on March 20 and 21 at the YMCA, Singapore.

The first workshop, “Navigating the Maze of ASD: How Do I Maximize Progress in My Child?”, will focus on the causes, prognosis and treatment of autism. The second workshop, “Understanding and Facing the Challenges of Social-Sexual Development,” will teach effective strategies to address the challenges of your children’s social-sexual development and behaviour.

Navigating the Maze of ASD: How Do I Maximize Progress in My Child?

There is a great deal of misinformation and confusion regarding issues such as etiology, prognosis and treatment options for Autism Spectrum Disorder. This has greatly affected how children with ASD are taught. Though children with ASD have tremendous potential, the expectations for a child with ASD have historically been low. Lower expectations have influenced decision on educational strategies as well as curriculum. This workshop would show how effective programing efforts could help a child reach their potential and most importantly, maximize the quality of their lives.

Understanding & Facing the Challenges of Social-Sexual Development

Parents & Professionals tend to avoid or delay contemplating social-sexual development until late childhood. Even then, they defer to reliance on specialized instructional courses, typically offered at the Secondary level. At the root of this approach, is misapprehension and discomfort stemming from scarcity of information with the subject as it pertains to children with ASD and related disabilities. Ready or not, this developmental course commences at early childhood regardless. Turning a blind eye to this fact just means it will transpire without the benefit of informed, strategic guidance. The unfortunate consequences of disregarding this process becomes apparent far too late. And most regrettably, often after things have gone terribly wrong. Altering this course to alleviate needless suffering of children and families is absolutely possible. This one-day workshop will offer opportunities to learn effective strategies to address the challenges of your child’s social-sexual development.

About the Workshop:


Sunday March 20

Monday March 21


Navigating the Maze of ASD: How Do I Maximize Progress in My Child?

Understanding & Facing the Challenges of Social-Sexual Development




Dr. Tracee Packer



One Orchard Road, Orchard, Singapore


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Limited sessions for Complimentary Consultation with Dr. Tracee Parker are available. Please contact Josephine Keng at +656463-3095, or email for registration.

About Autism Partnership (AP)

Autism Partnership (AP) is a worldwide authority and one of the largest and most established Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) service providers for people with autism. Established since 1994 in the United States, AP is run by professional clinicians and specializes in providing one-on-one therapy, group intervention and overseas consultation for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and their families. We also provide customized school-based training and social groups to meet the different needs of schools in the region.

Drawing on over 40 years of experience in ABA and treatment of ASD, our premium service is highly recognized by local and international service agencies and government bodies. Dedicated to research and scientific studies, AP has been involved in all aspects of seminal projects including development of curriculum and behaviour intervention strategies, implementing and supervising treatment, training therapists, teachers, parents and helping professionals.

AP has over 250 top-notch staff working throughout our international offices in USA, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Korea, Philippines, Singapore and United Kingdom. To find out more about AP Singapore, please visit:

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