Communication in children with Autism (ASD): How to speak in proper sentences

Do you often face difficulties trying to understand what your child is trying to tell you? This may be due to limitations in their language and communication skills. Children with these deficits are unable to describe their sentences with proper verbs and tenses. 💬❔

Often, children with Autism (ASD) find it challenging to share events during the day or a game that they played during class with their parents/caregivers, teachers, and friends. This may result in frustration for both parties.😟

In this video, we used a program called “Functional Describing”, to teach Jasper, a 4-year-old boy, how to describe structured sentences he would typically use in his daily life.

Watch as he becomes more fluent in conveying his ideas verbally, and eventually, improves his language skills.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Expanding Language as we teach Jasper to speak in longer sentences.

  If you missed the first part of Jasper’s ‘Work-In-Progress’, where we worked on his attention skills, click here: A Work in Progress Video Blog page.

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