Equipping Your Child With Essential Language And Communication Skills

We all know that language and communication are essential in our lives. However, when children are limited in their language, they are unable to accurately express their needs, which may lead to misunderstanding and frustration. They will also find it hard to understand what is being shared by their friends, what is being taught by the teachers, and what is happening around them.
Everyday we engage in meaningful conversations with the people around us and in order to function independently in our daily lives, we need to have the ability to understand instructions and follow directions. That’s why it is also important for our children to learn the right skills to do that. And therefore at AP, we focus on developing pivotal language and communication skills. By equipping children in these critical areas, they will better understand their environment and effectively express themselves. This will also enable children to interact better with their teachers and friends, and at the same time, encourage them to navigate their environment more confidently. Learn more about equipping children with Autism (ASD) essential language and communication skills using ABA with Ms. Liling Loh (B.A. Psy), our Program Supervisor, at our upcoming Conference on Nov 9th (Saturday) at the York Hotel, Singapore. ————————————————————–   Sign up now (closes on 30 Oct) :https://www.eventbrite.sg/e/parenting-preparing-a-child-with-autism-for-school-using-aba-tickets-73399232079 📝 ————————————————————– We offer complimentary parent consultation. To arrange for an appointment, 📲 (65) 6463 3095 / (65) 9233 5172 📩admin@autismpartnershipsg.com For more information about our Nov 9 Conference, visit: 🌐 Our Event Page ————————————————————– Ms. Loh Liling B.A. Psy, Program Supervisor Loh Li Ling is currently a Program Supervisor at Autism Partnership Singapore. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from James Cook University, Australia.Having worked at Autism Partnership Singapore since 2014, Li Ling has worked with many children of varied age groups, ranging from 2 to 16 years old in both one-to-one and classroom settings, with an average of 4 to 6 children per group. Her expertise in groups includes teaching children relevant skills required for school; to improve and have the understanding for appropriate social behaviours as well as to develop meaningful affects for one another. She is also a member of the Autism Partnership Singapore Jumpstart team.Li Ling has also provided shadow-aide support for children in mainstream and international schools to assist and facilitate children to adapt to a school environment. She has conducted social groups, regularly bringing groups of children aged 10 and above on regular outings.Li Ling also does parent and helper training to guide caregivers on managing their children in the everyday, natural setting.

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