“How do I develop appropriate play for my child?”

Play is crucial for the physical, social–communication and emotional development of a child.  Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are commonly limited in their play skills.  Parents may also observe stereotypical behaviors during playtime as the child displays a repetitive style of play such as spinning or tapping across different toys. During this talk, our Lead Behavior Therapist, Dominic Leong, will:
  • explore and discuss how we can help your child develop appropriate play skills
  • share the importance of age-appropriate toys or play and ideas to develop an interest in play
This talk is complimentary. Sign up now: https://www.autismpartnershipsg.com/en/k-event/complimentary-series-2019-how-do-i-develop-appropriate-play-for-my-child/

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