— Oct 19: Parenting Talk: How Do I Teach My Child Self-Help Skills?–

Self-help skills are daily life skills such as brushing teeth, getting dressed, eating independently and so on. 👗🥣 For children with Autism (ASD), learning self-help skills is essential to increase independence at home, in school, and different environments.
Every child with Autism (ASD) learns at a different pace. Hence, we collaborate with parents and caregivers to identify the relevant self-help skills suitable for the child. 👨‍👩‍👦
Click link here to watch this video to find out how to teach a simple self-help skill (preparing an instant chocolate drink) using ABA. In the video, Sylvia, our Senior Behavior Therapist, shared a teaching method called ‘backward chaining’. –
Here are some tips on how to conduct this program effectively:
1) Use Comprehensive Task Analysis – Breaking down a skill into smaller steps
2) Include reinforcement during the preparation of the task (e.g. Using food that the child likes to eat)
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