Preparing a child with Autism for school: Importance of Addressing Disruptive Behaviors Early

“The greatest fulfilment I get from working with children with ASD is when a child’s disruptive behaviors are eradicated and I see them a happier child and is more ready to engage with others and learn”. – B.Sc.Edu, Clinical Director, Ms Wong Mai Shan

Importance Of Addressing Disruptive Behaviors Early

Disruptive behaviors ranging from aggression, tantrums, non-compliance to passive behaviors like engaging in self-stimulatory behaviors interferes with the learning process. Proactively addressing disruptive behaviors using strategies that have long-term effects will prepare a child to be more ready to learn in school.

Join us at our Singapore Conference on Nov 9th (Saturday) as Mai Shan, shares strategies on managing behaviors as part of the journey in preparing a child to be ready to learn in school. Our annual Singapore conference, titled “Preparing a child with Autism for school using ABA”, is a 1-day conference on critical skills designed to help children with Autism as they prepare for school. This event is also part of our Hong Kong Office’s 20th Anniversary Conference Series. Sign up now for early-bird discount:

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Ms. Wong Mai Shan (B.Sc. Edu), Clinical Director

Wong Mai Shan holds a Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Oregon. Upon graduation, she was in charge of designing and setting up a preschool program at a local kindergarten. Following that, she was a Supervisor at a childcare centre. Since 1989, she has been working with children who have special needs. During her time at Dover Court Preparatory school, she was appointed the Centre Co-coordinator and worked with a wide range of children with different disabilities. Her work with children with special needs continued at Horizon Centre for Special Education, where she was involved in the integration process of her students. She has been working with children with autism in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis since 2001. She served as Autism Partnership’s school supervisor and oversaw the school program, Little Learners. She has been involved in international consults to family; and has also conducted AP workshops and talks regionally.

Mai Shan is presently the Clinical Director at AP Singapore, supervising case programs and overseeing training and development of staff. She is also a Behavior Consultant, providing services to families in Singapore and regionally.

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