AP Outreach Program: Complimentary Talks

AP Singapore senior staff regularly conducts talks to help raise awareness for autism and help families and individuals as part of our outreach to the community.

Early Intervention is the key to obtaining the best outcome for the child. Hence our complimentary talks aim to provide basic knowledge on symptoms of autism and equip parents, educators and related professionals working with young children with the necessary skills to cope with problems that arise from autism.


Complimentary Series 2019: Saturdays Mornings

Autism Partnership is committed to educating families, teachers and professionals on the latest advancements in treatment of ASD and giving back to the community.

This series of talks explores relevant topics, which help families living with a child with Autism.

Jan 26  – How do I get my child to listen to me?

April 13 – How do I encourage my child to speak?

July 27 – How do I develop appropriate play for my child?

October 19 – How do I teach my child self-help skills?


Topics and Content for the Complimentary Series 2019

Jan 26 – How do I get my child to listen to me?

Behavioral problems, if not tackled effectively, often affect learning and family life. In this workshop, we will discuss different types of management techniques to deal with tantrums, self-stimulatory behavior, inattention and non-compliance.  We will explain:

  1. How to identify the functions of a behavior
  2. How to respond to various behavioral problems
  3. How to identify what replacement skills to teach
  4. How to come up with a comprehensive, reactive and pro-active behavior plan

 Apr 13 – How do I encourage my child to speak?  

Children with autism can often have difficulties communicating with others. This becomes especially apparent when looking at spontaneous speech. In this workshop, we will examine a range of ideas designed to increase a student spontaneous speech and interaction in different social and play settings. We will show:

  1. How to set up learning opportunities
  2. How to encourage and motivate your child to speak
  3. The techniques for expanding their speech

 July 27 – How do I develop appropriate play for my child?

 Play is crucial for the physical, social–communication and emotional development of a child.  Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder are commonly limited in their play skills.  Parents may also observe stereotypical behaviours during playtime as the child displays repetitive style of play such as spinning, or tapping across different toys. In this talk we will explore and discuss how we can help your child develop appropriate play skills. We will explain:

  1. The importance of age-appropriate toys or play
  2. How to create interest in play
  3. Breaking play into steps and ensuring successful play

October 19 – How do I teach my child self-help skills?

Self-help skills are critical for independence and autonomy. In this talk, we will explain:

  1. Basic techniques of forward and backward chaining as well as prompting
  2. Share how to apply these techniques to different life skills such as dressing, completing homework, taking a shower and etc