Kayleen’s Story

Jumpstart Program

My daughter Kayleen was diagnosed with Autism when she was 4 years old. She had been diagnosed earlier at age 2 years 10 months with Dandy Walker Variant and Epilepsy. Her cognitive development was at a level of a 22-­‐month toddler, and she had no speech.

We had tried several treatments but we did not see any progress with Kayleen’s verbal and non-­‐verbal skills. Our pediatrician referred us to Autism Partnership Singapore following Kayleen’s diagnosis. Autism Partnership Singapore was able to provide overseas consultation service, and as we lived in Manado, Indonesia, it was an important consideration. There were also no sources that could have provided good services for treatment of a special needs child within Manado.

My husband and I decided to do the Jump Start program for Kayleen after our consultation with Autism Partnership in Singapore. Following the program, Kayleen has continued with intensive ABA sessions, supervised by Autism Partnership Singapore. We have seen so much progress in Kayleen’s verbal and non-­‐verbal skills during the past 14 months since we started with the program. Within 6 months of intensive ABA sessions, Kayleen began to speak in sentences. I was so excited when she said, “I want bread” for the first time. She is now still developing her verbal and non-­‐verbal skills, and we remain amazed by the progress that she has made.

I am also very impressed with how her sessions are run. Many of the sessions has activities and games that Kayleen appears to enjoy. Her behaviour consultant has developed many programs for Kayleen that are functional, purposeful and effortlessly natural in its application.

I feel that Autism Partnership Singapore provides the best treatment for children with Autism. The staff is trained well, friendly and dedicated to their kids. They also trained my therapists very well to ensure that Kayleen’s program is well implemented.

To live with an autistic child is a challenge but we have had a wonderful journey since we started with Autism Partnership.

Thank you so much to Autism Partnership Singapore for giving Kayleen a chance to learn and live a better life in her future
November 2014