Individual Treatment

  • “In the two years Xander has been with AP, we have seen him grow in so many areas. Although he has not yet developed speech, he now communicates and initiates communication, he independently performs tasks, he enjoys socialising. We now have a child who is no longer fearful or frustrated. The pride we see in his face when he masters a new task gives us immeasurable joy. Through the parent-training sessions with Xander’s supervisors, we have come to better understand how Xander learns, and thus our own interactions with him have become more effective. Although Xander still has miles to go, I am proud of how far he has already come and I am hopeful now that he might one day be ready for the big world out there.

    Xander’s progress thus far is due entirely to the solid programme you have at AP, and dedication and commitment of his therapists and supervisors. This little boy of ours is a puzzle, a work-in-progress, we are excited to see what he has in store for us. Please keep up the good work!”

    – Mr and Mrs Lim (Xander’s parents)

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  • “Gideon has been assessed by the developmental paediatrician to have normal IQ and is on the trajectory to attend normal mainstream primary school, so we are working on preparing him for that with this set up for the next 3 years. Your input from the school observation was useful in guiding us to know what further support he needed. We continue to be deeply appreciative of your team’s professionalism and great help in being the springboard to some form of normality in his and our family’s lives. He uttered his first “mummy” with eye contact within the first week of attending therapy at AP – I will never forget this and frequently share this miraculous experience with others! Thank you once again and have faith your team will continue doing this great work with other children.”

    – Pei Ling and Kao (Gideon’s Parents)

  • “We chose AP amongst the many other companies. From the beginning of the assessment session all the way to Sherman’s graduation, everything was professional. Proper, systematic and yet flexible to Sherman’s progress. Family constraints were also realistically managed with AP to help Sherman get the best out of every time possible. And if there must one thing we have to highlight it would be the teachers andtherapist sincere dedication to their duties. We are dearly grateful to all the staff that took great care of Sherman, loved him and taught him well. Looking back at all those beautiful videos will iterate that AP is the choice of recommendation to perplexed parents. Thank you once again for the wonderful work for the past 1 year.”

    – Esmond Low (Sherman’s Parent)

  • “After a month and half of therapy, the changes in Chris’s behavior were palpable. He was starting to make eye contact, was not obsessed with round toys anymore, and was spending lesser time drifting into emptiness. Our AP supervisor kept motivating us to build on the good momentum and exercise all the techniques that we were taught and kept introducing new ones as Chris progressed.”

    – Chris’s Parents

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  • “Hugo was diagnosed with autism at 2 ½ years old. We were extremely fortunate to have been guided towards ABA therapy. During the eight months of home based therapy with AP Singapore, we saw the building blocks of development being created right before us and Hugo’s eye contact, engagement and communication all showed tremendous improvement.”

    – Julian and Sow Fun (Hugo’s parents)

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  • ”In a short amount of time at AP, my son already started to show significant progress in learning how to control his temper and impulsive behavior as well as how to engage in social interactions with his peers. In addition, through the parent training provided by AP, I started to master skills to get along with my son too!.”

    – Josephine Cheung

Jumpstart Program

  • “After our consultation with Autism Partnership Singapore and doing the Jumpstart Program, we have seen such progress in Kayleen’s verbal and non-verbal skills. Their staff are really friendly and they’ve been trained very well and are dedicated to their kids.”

    – Lina (Kayleen’s mother) from Manado, Indonesia

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  • “We did Jump Start six weeks after my son was diagnosed. When I say it was a life-changing event for everyone, I truly mean it!”

    – Jane Heisel, M.D., M.S.


  • “The one-day didactic workshop was extremely successful, almost 250 people came, mostly parents and special education workers. Actually, some scientist and doctors also attended the lecture, even the head of child psychiatry of Siberian Federal Region visited the talk.
    The hands-on part overcame all expectations and was absolutely fantastic. Everyone including parents, students and even translators were elated by the progress the kids made. It was unbelievable. We all saw what the real quality ABA intervention was.”

    – Yevgeniy, Parent/Organizer of training workshop, Siberia, Russia

  • ”I just wanted to write to say how valuable and informative I found the recent AP workshop. The presenter was extremely well prepared and the timing of the presentation was just right for our group which was a mixture of parents, teachers and therapists. Attending your workshop was an excellent way for me to network, with other people in the breaks too. I like the fact that the training groups are small, it meant that even the shy participants felt confident to ask questions.I particularly enjoy the sessions where we can practice our new skills with real students. I don’t know any other support service which offers such a variety of workshop topics.

    It is a real testament to the talents of the AP managers and staff. I cannot stress how important it is for AP to continue to encourage capacity building in these very effective research based technique in HK.”

    Thanks again. Keep up the good work.

    – Dr. Kathleen Tait, Associate Professor in Disability Studies