Treatment for individuals

AP Therapy Service

AP provides therapy treatment at the clinic, at the child’s home or a shadow at the child’s school.

Each student at AP is provided with a highly individualized program that is specialized for them. Our supervisors/consultants dedicate their time in creating meaningful and effective programs that will also be evaluated daily. As each supervisor/consultant in AP is assigned with a small number of clients, they devote many hours a month towards supervising staff, trouble shooting and maximizing gains.

We strongly believe that close and expert monitoring and support is the key to many of our children’s amazing successes.

One-to-one individually tailored ABA program for children with ASD

1 week intensive behavioral programming to give children a rapid boost in skill development and behavioral progress.

A School Readiness Group to help preschoolers ages between 4-6 years acquire pivotal skills in a classroom setup.

Preparing children with ASD for school is one of our major missions

Social groups for children with autism of different ages to elicit social needs and enhance social skills

Travelling internationally to provide expert ABA behavioral treatment and consultation

A 1-month intensive ABA program for families with Mandarin or Bahasa speaking children

An exclusive ABA program with the highest level of direct service, supervision and support.