School Consultations & Shadow Services

School Consultations

Working with school personnel, we provide consultations to facilitate each student’s successful placement in schools. Consultations typically include:

  • Identifying Student’s Learning Needs & Issues in Classroom
  • Developing Intervention Plan
  • Discussing & Training Teachers for Implementation of Plan
  • Revising and Adjusting plans

Ongoing Consultation:

This is essential to maintain the momentum from the intensive training and for continued professional development as well as developing in-house expertise. Ongoing support,supervision and on-site training is critical to providing effective ABA programs in the classroom setting.

Staff Development
We tailor make training workshops for schools and agencies that want to focus on specific areas of autism, or further develop their knowledge in its treatment. Workshops may be in the form of didactic lecture or hands-on practicum.

Didactic and hands-on workshops, conducted by autism experts, are designed for parents and professionals. These workshops are held regularly throughout the year. Updates are posted on our Facebook Page & Website.

School Shadowing

Preparing your child for school is one of our major missions. For integration to be successful, collaboration with the school and a thorough and individualized systematic transition plan is crucial. Consultants will discuss with school personnel to devise a plan. Therapists will accompany your child to school, help your child adapt to the new environment and apply their skills.

Phase 1:

  • Case Consultant communicates with School Personnel and devise integration plan

Phase 2:

  • Case Consultant meets & trains Shadow Therapists
  • Shadowing Therapists execute designed plan

Phase 3:

  • Case Supervisor reviews progress with Shadow Therapist, School Personnel and Parents
  • Adjustments are made to programming if necessary

Phase 4:

  • Devise plans to fade Shadow Therapist from School & encourage independent learning