Specialized Treatment Team (STT)

The Specialized Treatment Team program is a unique full-day program for Autism Partnership clients. It is designed for families who want the finest AP can offer.

This therapy model is the best AP currently offers and differs from our traditional treatment teams in a number of ways:

  1. Staff working in the specialized treatment teams are our very best staff. This ensures children get the highest quality of direct therapy possible. These staff have received extensive training and supervision over many years and have been specially selected for their superior therapy and clinical skills.
  2. Parents can also choose to have behavioral consultants work directly with their children as part of a STT program. These highly trained clinicians typically only provide oversight and supervision. They can also be used for providing direct therapy in the STT model. Having such high level clinicians involved in teaching your child directly on a regular basis results in faster progress and more rapid program adjustment.
  3. Superior clinical support. Children in the STT model receive much greater amounts of supervision and oversight from director and behavioral consultant level staff. This ensures intervention progresses smoothly and progress is maximized every day.

Now available in Singapore for a limited capacity of two families, we provide the highest level of direct service, supervision and support. Families are expected to receive direct intervention from our highest level supervisors and dedicated specialized treatment team. In addition, consultation and supervision hours are provided by our director with great intensity throughout each week.