ABA Intervention | Our Students' ABA Therapy Progress | Autism ASD Treatment

The Students’ Progress Section showcases the progress made by 2 children (Jamie & Jasper) in Autism Partnership Singapore.
You will see their first day and the skills they have learnt over many months.

Jamie has been receiving full day intensive ABA training at AP SG since 2 years and 10 months old (January 2020). Before receiving ABA intervention, his parents shared that he even though he knew some words, he only used his words to communicate very sparingly. 

He often relied on grabbing their arm or taking them to something he wanted, without making eye contact. Although Jamie was generally able to listen to parents, he would cry and have meltdowns daily, especially when his requests were denied. 

This was a concern for parents. Jamie only liked playing with his older brother and parents but not his younger sister and peers. He would often push them away and scream when they approach him. 

Jasper began ABA training at AP Singapore in Nov 2018 at the age of 4 years old. At that time, he found it very challenging to follow instructions as he was not very good at listening, remembering and processing the information he has heard. He is also limited in his language and communication skills. In these series of videos, we share fun activities that helped him work on his limitations! 

The new skills Jasper acquired have benefited him greatly in becoming a more successful and independent learner in school and at home.