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Meet Jamie! Jamie has been receiving full-day intensive ABA training at AP SG since he was 2 years and 10 months old (January 2020).

Before receiving ABA intervention, his parents shared that even though he knew some words, he only used his words to communicate very sparingly. He often relied on grabbing their arm or taking them to something he wanted, without making eye contact.

Although Jamie was generally able to listen to his parents, he would cry and have meltdowns daily, especially when his requests were denied. This was a concern for parents. Jamie only liked playing with his older brother and parents but not his younger sister and peers. He would often push them away and scream when they approach him.

Watch these videos to learn about his progress with us!

📋 First Clinic Meeting with Jamie in January

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Jamie started his 1-to-1 program with us early this year. In this video, our Behaviour Consultant, Ms. Nurhayati Ismail (MSc ABA, BCBA), shares her observation during her very first meeting with him and his family at our clinic. Watch this video to find out how his first week at AP went!

🛎️ Weekly Update - Jamie's Progress in week 2

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 In our first update of Jamie’s progress, Ms. Jeena Tan (BA Psy), Program Supervisor, will share with us about his first few sessions and the skills that we have been working on. We are happy to share that he has made some good progress so far! Click play to watch Jamie in his first week of therapy!

📍2 Months' Mark

🛎️ Weekly Update - Jamie's Progress in week 4

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In this week 4’s update on Jamie’s progress, our Behavior Consultant, Ms. Nurhayati (MSc ABA, BCBA), shares some of the programs that our team has designed to help Jamie learn some of these “learning how to learn” skills.

Watch Jamie learn how to wait, use his language to request, sustain his attention as well as play and socialise in this video!

🛎️ Weekly Update - Jamie's Progress in Week 8

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In this update on Jamie’s ABA journey, a big focus is on his spontaneous communication.  Jamie also has an Imitation Program simulating a school setting to help him become more ready to learn. Jamie is also enjoying a lot of social games with his peers. Scroll on to watch Jamie’s ABA Training Progress! 

📍3 Months' Mark

In the last 2 months at Autism Partnership Singapore, Jamie has made good progress across learning behaviors, communication, learning how to learn skills, and socialization. Specifically, he has developed his language skills to communicate his desire to play with different toys. 🚗🎾🎈

However, it was not easy to get him to listen to his therapists when asked to move on to do other tasks, as he wanted to keep playing with his toys.

We aim to help Jamie become a ready and independent learner in school and that starts with attaining the basic ability to listen to teachers when his playtime is up and tolerating not getting his way.🎒🌱

🛎️ Monthly Update - Jamie's 3 months progress (Part 1)

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In this video, Ms. Nurhayati M Ismail, Behavior Consultant (Msc ABA, BCBA), will elaborate on how we make use of a teaching resource known as the Token Economy, to help increase the duration Jamie will have to pay attention and learn.

🛎️ Monthly Update - Jamie's 3 months progress (Part 2)

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In Part 2 of his progress update at 3 months, Jamie continues to expand on his language and communication skills. Find out more about how we worked on increasing his level of comprehension and understanding in this video.

📍"Special Edition on COVID-19 "Circuit Breaker" Singapore 🇸🇬🏡

In view of the COVID-19 situation, Singapore implemented a “circuit breaker” in April. The objective of the “circuit breaker” measure was to significantly reduce movement and social interactions, to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Our clinic had to be temporarily closed and our therapy sessions transited to an e-learning platform. 💻📲✍️ In the 1.5 months, our team of staff worked hard to innovate and adapt to maximize learning for children under our care. 🍎✨

A big focus was to also provide parent training and guidance to equip parents with much-needed skills to cope with their children’s behaviors at home. 👪

🛎️ Jamie's ABA 3-4th Month

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Watch this video as our Case Supervisor, Ms. Jeena Tan, shares more about how Jamie and his team of therapists coped with home-based learning during the circuit breaker measures in Singapore. 🏠🇸🇬

📍7 Months' Mark

Jamie's ABA 7th Month

In Jamie’s 7th Month Update, we would like to share with you his progress since he resumed clinic sessions in July, after the Circuit Breaker in Singapore. Jeena shares his individualized goals to work on his language skills. We worked on the following skills:

📍8 Months' Mark

🛎️ Jamie's ABA 8th Month Training Progress Update

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🎯One of the main goals of Jamie’s #ABA Training is to develop his #conversational skills. This skill will help him with answering simple questions from peers, attending and responding to others in the natural environment. This power of language is also a means for social interaction and getting his desires met. 💬
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In this 8th month update, we practiced attending by using a ladder board system to help Jamie focus on looking and listening. This foundational training will enable Jamie to learn better in group settings.

📍9 Months' Mark

🛎️ Jamie's ABA 9th Month Training Progress Update

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For Jamie, learning in small groups will allow him to improve attending, observational learning, and increase his tolerance to noise and distractions. These are known as building blocks of his school readiness skills.

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To prepare Jamie for school, we have been working to develop his “Learning How To Learn” skills which target his ability to adapt and focus. In the “Wait✋, Listen👂/Look👀, then Do” program, we aim to improve his accuracy and ‘attending’ by ensuring that he waits and listens to the instructions properly.

📍10 Months' Mark

🛎️ Jamie's ABA 10th Month Training Progress Update

A huge focus in Jamie’s ABA Program is on communication. Parents and caregivers of children with ASD often find it challenging to get their children to sit and engage in activities and tasks, especially when difficult. This is the same for Jamie, and in his 10th month’s program, we have taught Jamie’s persistence by teaching him to express and communicate how he feels – especially when he finds something difficult.

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Since Jamie exhibits avoidant behaviors (e.g. going off-topic and tuning out) when the task gets difficult, the first step is to overcome his behaviors by teaching him to communicate spontaneously. Instead of just giving up on the task, our objective is to teach Jamie to tell us how he feels – whether the task is too difficult, whether he likes it or dislike it. This will allow him how to identify his likes and dislikes and communicate his needs.

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When Jamie started at AP, Comprehension Program was extremely challenging for him. Since then, he has progressed and has now mastered Comprehension concepts revolving around “Who”, “What”, and “Where”. He has also moved on to Auditory Comprehension. While it is difficult for him without visuals, he has learned to use Rehearsing Information as a strategy to help him retain information.

Since Jamie is preparing to attend school now, a critical skill for him to have is to understand the “Before and After” Concept. This will help him with his upcoming Memory Work Training.

Stay tuned as we update more about Jamie's ABA Training Progress in the upcoming months!

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