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Puneeth started ABA intervention at AP Singapore at the age of 3 years 3 months. Before ABA intervention, Puneeth’s attention was short and fleeting. He was not able to sustain sitting down for long, and this made it difficult for him to learn. His eye contact was also minimal and he would either gesture or talk to himself without directing it to others.As he was not communicating, he often did not get what he wanted. This was a frustration for his parents. Often, he would also bang his head, cry and scream, and throw a big tantrum when he was being denied or when his toys were being taken away.

Puneeth's Story

📋 Puneeth's Baseline

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Jamie started his 1-to-1 program with us early this year. In this video, our Behaviour Consultant, Ms. Nurhayati Ismail (MSc ABA, BCBA), shares her observation during her very first meeting with him and his family at our clinic. Watch this video to find out how his first week at AP went!

To get you started, we provide a free consultation for you to meet with our Behavior Consultant.

During this online meeting, you can share your concerns with us and based on the discussion, our Behavior Consultant will be able to offer recommendations on the next steps to be taken.
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