Little Learners - Preparing Your Child For School | 1:1 ABA Therapy Program — Autism Partnership Singapore

Little Learners is a School Readiness Group to help preschoolers aged between 4-6 years acquire pivotal skills in a classroom setup.

Preschool is both an exciting and stressful time for most parents. It can be challenging for parents whose children are not quite ready for successful learning in a school environment due to some gaps in their school readiness, socialization and/or communication skills. At Little Learners, we help preschoolers aged between 4 – 6 years acquire pivotal school readiness skills in a classroom setup.


Apart from exposure to regular academic themes and content, children have their own Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Each IEP is carefully carried to include the following, to develop each child into an independent learner:

  • Core skills essential for learning
  • Social-emotional skills
  • Organization skills and independence
  • Emotional regulation and stress management skills
  • Language and communication skills
  • Cognitive and abstract reasoning skills
  • Play skills

Unique Quality Program

  • One therapist to three children
  • Tailor-made curriculum according to the assessed needs of the child
  • Learning via play and practice in different settings
  • Learning data and progress is recorded
  • Weekly supervision by Case Consultants
  • Monthly Progress meeting
  • We have a process in place to help parents with this aspect as well as to help us make the decision if the child is suitable to be in the group program.
  • The first step is to arrange for an intake meeting whereby we will gather information from the parent as well as to share more about our program. With this information, if parents are keen to enroll their child in the program and if we feel based on the information provided, the child might be suitable for the group program, we will then arrange for an observation/trial session for the child. Following the observation/trial session, we would be able to let you know if the program is suitable for your child.
  • Prepare children who have the potential to be in inclusive school
  • Help them to be a more independent learner
  • Enable them to transit into school with minimal support
  • Enhance communication and social skills
  • The class size is up to 8 children.
  • Ratio is 1:3
  • It’s a 3-hour daily program which runs from 2pm to 5pm (Mon-Fri).
  • Age range is 4-6 years old
  • Students should be able to transit to a school which is suitable and matches to their cognitive abilities, if necessary, with shadow support in the beginning which will be faded based on the needs and progress of the child.

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