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Autism Partnership Singapore (AP)

As the name suggests, believes that collaborating with families, schools and all those involved is fundamental to a child’s success.

Why Autism Partnership (AP)?

  • Founded by globally recognized experts
  • Leading and most established ABA service provider
  • Utilize highly clinically driven procedures based on over 50 years of evidence, clinical research, and experience
  • Data-driven with effective and promising results
  • Qualified, experienced, and highly trained staff providing quality treatment
  • Aims to not only maximize the progress of each child under our care but also, provide guidance and support to families

Our Unique Method & Approach

Our Autism Partnership Method (APM) is child-centred and naturalistic making treatment highly effective and fun. Our all-inclusive curriculums are designed based on over 50 years of evidence and clinical research. 

Our goal is to equip children with critical foundation skills necessary for each child’s long-term success including:

  • Behavior Management
  • Language and Communication
  • Self-help and Organisation
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Social and Play Skills 
  • Learning-how-to-learn Skills



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Our Satisfied Parents

"He uttered his first "Mummy" with eye contact within the first week of attending therapy at AP - I will never forget this and frequently share this miraculous experience with others!
Pei Ling & Gao
(Parents of Gideon)
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